The essence of technology is that it is constantly changing.  This is especially true in the ultra-clean lubes, chemicals, and fuels industries. The founders of Claeris have been immersed in the alternative and ultra-clean fuels and chemicals industries for over 10 years and have witnessed many new technological advancements.  As such, Claeris approaches technology with a high degree of technical scrutiny, combined with a thorough analysis of the complete business case for its commercialization. Claeris selects only those conversion technologies that satisfy its rigorous diligence process, which includes the following minimum criteria:

Reduces GHG, SOx, NOx, and other harmful pollutants
Produces ultra-clean products
Uses clean-burning natural gas or feedstocks that do not compete with the food supply chain
Produces cost-advantaged products that serve large markets
Proven at large demonstration or commercial scale
Competitively advantaged from a long-term capital and operating
cost perspective