Our mission is simple: to build an industry-transforming platform company focused exclusively on developing, constructing, and operating environmentally-responsible production facilities that contribute significantly to the betterment of industry, the environment, and the communities in which they operate.
Industry   Environment   Community
We are a leader in transforming the refining and chemical industries by manufacturing products that contain significantly less harmful pollutants (e.g. GHG, NOx, SOx, CO2), address large markets, and, most importantly, are cost-competitive with incumbent industrial products.   Our environmentally-responsible production facilities contribute to a cleaner, safer planet by utilizing clean-burning natural gas, thereby significantly reducing harmful emissions.   Our environmentally-responsible production facilities utilize local resources, create well-paying jobs, and spur a significant amount of economic benefit and goodwill within the communities that we operate and the global markets that we serve.
Mutual Benefit - Integrity - Professionalism

Claeris’ core values of mutual benefit and unwavering integrity and professionalism guide our every interaction. Claeris will work with our partners, employees, suppliers, customers, and other constituents to find a mutually beneficial arrangement. This does not mean that everyone gets exactly what they want.┬áRather, it means that each party benefits in a fair and equitable manner so that all parties feel valued, respected, and fairly compensated. Overall, we strive to provide our stakeholders with not only a successful outcome but an exceptional experience throughout the entire process.